Memorial Benches

memorialbenchBelow is a list of the people whose lives are commemorated with a bench. Full details are included in the book that accompanies the walks.

Drimoleague Heritage Loop Walk
John & Anne Twomey, Anne O’Sullivan, John & Richie O’Brien, Michael & Mary O’Donovan, Timothy McCarthy Collins (Thade the Poet), Kitty O’Brien, Sam & Kate Ross, Mary Kingston, Marie Keohane, Nurse Hanoria Connolly, Maisie & Babsie Collins

Moyny Bridge Walk
Doctor Conor Morgan, Jimmy & Elizabeth Sullivan, Paul & Lizzie Ann Kingston, Ned & Ellen Forbes, Kate &Paddy Burns

Shronacarton Walk
John Kingston (The Mall)

There is a picnic table by the mall stream, at the crossroads where many would have stopped in times gone by to exchange news and discuss the weather. Many a ‘character’ has walked this road and we remember them with ease while others, less colourful but equally cherished, sometimes slip from our memories. This picnic table is in memory of all those no longer with us, so take a moment and reflect.

Taken from the walkway book page 58.

gateThe Managers Bridge
The Manager’s Bridge (pictured above left) is dedicated to the memory of John O’Driscoll (1914-1985) and his wife Mary. John (pictured below left in the white coat) was the Manager of Castledonovan Creamery, and known to all as ‘The Manager’. He crossed Ahanafunsion Bridge on his bicycle twice each day for nearly 40 years on his way to and from the Creamery. Mary, a lady blessed with enormous energy, great faith and a keen walker, she was one of 10 children in the McCarthy family of Dromusta. Her late brother Danny Andrew led the famous farmer’s march from Bantry to Dublin in 1966, to protest at the low income levels of farmers in Ireland at that time.

Taken from the walkway book page 14.